Hackman Hulett LLP


We attribute the success of Hackman Hulett to the high quality of our attorneys and support personnel.  As our practice requires, we seek to employ new associates and staff who possess the skill, character and motivation to contribute to the firm’s continued success.

Attorneys – We prefer to hire recent law school graduates, or attorneys completing judicial clerkships, to satisfy the periodic need for associate attorneys.  Joining the firm early in his or her career provides an associate with the opportunity for the shared professional and personal experiences that are important to achieving an enjoyable and prosperous partnership.  Nevertheless, situations may arise where we seek to attract an experienced attorney as an associate, or in some other capacity, in order to secure expertise that we consider important.  Such situations, however, are limited.

Like most of the firm’s decisions, adding a new attorney is a careful choice, based on the person’s ability to become an immediate contributor to the firm and our clients.  Generally, candidates are interviewed by every attorney in the firm and hired only by consensus.  Employment is offered only to an individual with a record of outstanding academic or other achievement and who we  believe is capable of ultimately becoming a partner.  Partnership determinations are not made within any established period of time, but on a case-by-case basis.

In order to identify a qualified associate, we occasionally offer law students employment for a summer, or on a part-time basis.  We only offer summer or part-time employment to law students who we believe have the interest, abilities and qualities to become an associate in the firm.

Support Staff – Employment with the firm as a paralegal, administrative assistant or in another support capacity is available from time to time.  A candidate for a support position must possess the skills and personality traits that will allow him or her to effectively assist the firm’s attorneys.



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