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Estate Planning

Attorneys in the firm not only prepare wills and trusts, but also assist with retirement planning, preserving and transferring business interests, charitable giving and minimizing taxes. Through an analysis of tax and other issues relevant to a client’s family, business and financial situation, firm attorneys can provide counsel with estate and financial planning that optimizes the transfer of assets before and after death. Attorneys within the firm have particular expertise regarding retirement benefits (such as IRAs and qualified plans) and how to direct such benefits to permit the greatest economic advantage. Firm attorneys also prepare and counsel clients on powers of attorney, healthcare powers and living wills.

The firm represents individual and corporate fiduciaries in connection with trust, estate and guardianship administration. Attorneys assist and advise personal representatives, trustees and guardians regarding pre-death asset management, post-mortem planning, and general estate and trust administration. Additionally, the firm represents such fiduciaries in litigation and tax matters.

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