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The firm has a long history of advising and representing clients operating natural gas, petroleum, CO2 and other types of pipelines in Indiana. The firm’s expertise extends to handling the variety of right-of-way, environmental and other matters that arise from pipeline operations, including defending pipeline rights-of-way against encroachment and other legal challenges. We also represent pipeline companies in connection with personal injury, property damage and environmental claims and have worked with environmental officials to resolve liabilities associated with pipeline releases.

The firm is experienced with the legal issues associated with the construction of pipelines, as well as their operation. Attorneys in the firm have assisted with selecting pipeline routes and establishing the procedures and documentation needed for effective right-of-way acquisition. The firm’s attorneys also have worked with and appeared before local governmental bodies and state environmental agencies to secure needed permits and other approvals. The firm has even assisted with legislative efforts to secure for pipeline companies the right of eminent domain, as well as resisting efforts infringing upon the right of pipeline companies to condemn property in Indiana.

In regard to condemnation, the firm has been very active in representing pipeline companies with the ability to exercise the power of eminent domain under Indiana and federal law. Attorneys in the firm have advised and represented pipeline companies concerning access to properties in order to conduct surveys and other examinations, expedited possession of rights-of-way pending compensation determinations and compensation awards for the rights-of-way condemned.

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